Estine Glass
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July 1953
Born in The Bahamas on July 15th, 1953 to the late Leon and Christina Glass, Tiny was the second of seven children.  She enjoyed life to the fullest and was a strong and determined woman who assisted in raising her siblings when her father passed.  The memories created with family and friends will long be remembered.  The times and memories shared with everyone will continue to be a reflection of her sweet and loving character.

Tiny's career as a highly respected and well loved hostess  and waitress began at 'The Exuma Room' on Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas.  Later she worked at Castaway's Restaurant & Bar, Nassau Village and Radisson Cable Beach Hotel receiving many accolades and commendations from management, fellow staff and guests worldwide.  She later relocated to AETOS (Wendy's Restaurant) where she continued to perform in excellence and extend her caring nature to all whom she came in contact with.

Tiny became a mother to four children and nurtured her children with love and support.  She demonstrated strength, character and integrity to her children, teaching them the invaluable lesson of loving and forgiving in spite of - while accepting others for who they are.  Tiny was a dynamic and awesome woman who encountered and tackled life's battles with dignity, strength and determination.  A woman with a very big heart. She unselfishly opened her home to others by providing food, clothing and shelter no matter the need and made everyone feel special in her own way.

Tiny attended Resurrection Tabernacle Ministries faithfully.  She loved to sing and shook the cowbells during the exuberant praise and worship. Each year she would call her family members to sing Happy Birthday.
July 2015
Tiny always seemed to be in Florida when her birthday came around and on July 15, 2015 Tiny celebrated her 62nd Birthday.  Celebration was often in the form of a dinner outing but this year a small birthday party was held at her daughter's home.  For a while Tiny had been desiring a new handbag and to her surprise she received a brand new Michael Kors and Coach bag.  She was sooooooooo happy she literally jumped to her feet when she opened her gifts.  The joy she showed will forever be remembered.
November 2015
On Wednesday October 28, 2015 Tiny was admitted to Florida Medical Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL after suffering a stroke.  The surgery to remove the blood clot in her brain was successful and she was on her way to recovery.  While recovering in ICU Tiny was cognizant of her family around her although unable to speak. On Sunday November 1, Tiny made her first attempt to get up and walk since the stroke and was successful.  Despite the efforts of the doctors and her fighting spirit, she suffered another stroke and passed away on November 4, 2015 surrounded by her loving family.  Tiny was only 62.
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